About WebM

WebM is the future of internet video, not only replacing the long obsolete GIF format, but also offering an alternative to H.264 encoded MP4-video.
In this spirit, this project converts popular reaction GIFs to the superior WebM format in order to future-proof everyones favourite reaction-memes!

→ More information on www.webmproject.org

About GIFV

The GIFV pseudo-format is nothing more than a webpage, that offers a WebM, an MP4, and a GIF to the browser to play, so the browser can choose the best file to play itself.
However, since GIFV is used as a file extension on webpage URLs, it can lead to user confusion, making them believe it was an actual file or data format, which it is not.

→ More information in this old blogpost on Imgur

About Reaction WebM Club

We believe in the WebM format as the currently best option for web video, as such we offer only WebM ourselves. We deliberately do not offer GIF or MP4 alternatives, as we regard these formats as outdated, obsolete, inefficient, and downright wasteful.

WebM clips on this site are presented under fair use, as the intention of every clip is to convey a specific reaction on emotion and not providing access to copyrighted material.
If there is a problem with one of the clips, please use the Submit page and state the URL and type the problem into the description field. Don't forget to state your email address for further communication. Please refrain from submitting DMCA requests, as this site is based outside of US-american law.

This project is maintained and powered by ezl.re.